Ethics Committee

Chair - Rowena Orr QC

The role of the Ethics Committee is to assist the Council of the ABA (Council) and Executive of the ABA (Executive) by advising on matters of policy and education relating to legal ethics, including:

whether professional standards for barristers meet community expectations;

proposed amendments to the Legal Profession Uniform Continuing Professional Development (Barristers) Rules 2015; and

suggestions for improved training about legal ethics.

The Ethics Committee does not make rulings or advise individual lawyers about how to handle specific ethical issues that they are dealing with in legal practice.


Rowena Orr QC (Chair)

Michael Rush QC (Vic)

Anna Mitchelmore SC (Sydney)

Nicholas Andreatidis QC (Qld)

Saul Holt QC (Qld)

Julie Taylor (WA)

Pat Doyle (Vic)

Maree Norton (Vic)

Craig Lenehan (Sydney)

Johnny Selfridge (Qld)

Angela Petrie (NSW)

Edwina Smith (Secretary)

Stephen McDonald

Josie Dempster

Mary Anne Ryan (Tasmania)