Criminal Law Committee

Chair - Justin Greggery KC

The role of the Criminal Law Committee is to evaluate federal legislation and draft articles and submissions as needed by the ABA Executive on such matters including (but not limited to) Commonwealth criminal law, serious and organised crime, counter-terrorism and national security, and other issues of national significance.


Ken Archer (ACT) 

Amelia Beech (Vic)

Andrew Boe (Qld/NSW)

Zoe Broughton (Vic)

Felicity Graham (NSW) 

Kristopher Handshin (SA)

David Jordan (NSW)

Ffyona Livingstone Clark (Vic)

Zubin Menon (Vic)

Mark McCarthy (Qld)

Bharan Narula (NSW) 

Darren Renton SC (WA)

Paul Smallwood (Vic) 

Danae Younger (QLD)

Carolina Soto (NSW)