What we do

Ian Robertson S.C. Chair.

What we do


The Adcocacy Training Council of the ABA ("ATC") is the "jewel in the crown" of the services the ABA provides to its members around Australia. It is available to any member of the Australian Bar wheather you are based in Perth, Paralowie or Parramatta.

The functions of the ATC are formally described on the "About The ATC" page but you should know that it is your Association's invitation to yoiu to develop professionally, improve sills or just refresh skills.

Presently the ARC conducts three courses. These are:

  • the Advanced Trial Intensive ("Intensive"), conducted annually in omne of the three eastern seaboard capitals. It is residental, conducted over five days each January.
  • the Essential Trial Advocacy Course ("ETAC"), conducted annually in Perth and Adelaide in alternate years, It is residentail and conducted over five days in June or July.
  • the Appellate Advocacy Workshop ("Workshop"), conducted bienally over two days on a September weekend (Friday, Saturday). It's venue varies.

The ATC is presently developing a unique Expert Evidence Master Class. The Masterclass should be first conducted in April or May 2020.

In addition, the ATC provides assistance to all of the ABA's member Bars on an on-request basis. This assistance ranges from the prvision of materials to faculty to the training of faculty.

The ATC is justly proud of the Courses it conducts and the high standard of it's Faculty. Although the faculty changes from course-to-course as needed, the strength of the training lives in the high standard of our coaches and, we like to think, the realistic briefs and demands we place on barrister participants. We have been a world leader in the use of professional performance coaches and we are always searching for new ways to assist the Bar to learn, improve and progress.

On behalf of the ATC, I invite you to browse through our courses, review our facilkity and read the testemonials . I hope it encourages you to jpin us at one or more of the courses in the very near future.


Ian Robertson S.C.