Essential Trial Advocacy

Adelaide, 29 June - 3 July 2020

Essential Trial Advocacy

Location: Adelaide

Dates: 29 June - 3 July 2020

The underlying philosophy of all ATC courses is that the skills of a barrister are best learned in an environment that is as close to the real experience as possible. This involves creating a realistic brief, asking the barrister to properly prepare as they would for a real hearing and then giving them the opportunity to perform in an environment of challenge and respect.

The aim is to engage the barrister to develop a deeper understanding of the relevant objectives for each performance task, promote thoughtful preparation and reenforce best practice by an ongoing process of practice and review.

The focus is on each barrister and exploring ways of improving their performances. The course involves a combination of lectures, demonstrations, performances by participants, group reviews and individual coaching sessions.

Advocates prepare a Federal Court brief and perform opening addresses, examination and cross-examination of witnesses and give a closing address. Considerable emphasis is placed upon case analysis and thoughtful preparation.

Each barrister is briefed for the Applicant or Respondent to appear in the Federal Court. The case is detailed and requires a good deal of close examination and thought. Barristers are expected to be ready to perform on the first full day of the course, it is essential that extensive preparation is undertaken before the course commences. Past experience suggests that at least three full days preperation is required.

As part of that preparation, each barrister prepares and submits prescribed written work before the course commences. This may include a chronology, an outline of opening address, an outline of the examination-in-chief for each witness, cross-examination points and an outline for the closing address. These documents are submitted before the course and refined as the course proceeds.


Adelaide, South Australia


Option 1 - $TBA includes:

  • All course materials (Brief, Instructions)
  • Venue and equipment (a tablet is to be provided by the particpant to record their performances)
  • Five nights accommodation (Monday to Friday inclusive)
  • Breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch, dinner and drinks, each day of the course

Option 2 - $TBA this option is for South Australian participants who elect not to take up accommodation and includes:

  • All course materials
  • Venue and equipment
  • Morning and afternoon tea, lunch, dinner and drinks each day of the course

All travel costs, including flights and working materials (stationat, texts, legislation) are additional and must be organised by barristers individually.

The ATC strongly recommends Option 1 to obtain the most immersive experience.