Statement from ABA President Will Alstergren QC: Response to article in The Australian newspaper on 24 March 2017, ‘Affirmative action creates obstructions on the level playing field’.

“The views expressed by Mr Jeffrey Phillips SC in The Australian newspaper on 24 March 2017, do not reflect the view of the Australian Bar Association.


In 2016 when the ABA adopted the Law Council's Equitable Briefing Policy we affirmed that the Policy would enhance excellence, diversity and inclusion at the Bar.


There is no evidence that the Policy 'takes work away' from male barristers. To the contrary, we believe the Policy will result in a larger pool of work for barristers, drawing in the expertise, skills and diversity of the Australian Bar.”


ABA Media Statement - Australian Bar Association adopts LCA Equitable Briefing Policy and considers practical measures to implementation. October 2016: