Media Releases

Media Releases

The Australian Bar Association issues regular media releases on behalf of the profession. Below you will find the latest news, statements and media releases issued by the ABA.

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Independence of Malaysian Bar under threat.

The Australian Bar Association has called upon the Malaysian Government to reconsider its proposed changes to the country’s Legal Profession Act 1976 (LPA).Read more

Australian Bar Association President visits Northern Territory and Timor Leste, Dili

The President of the Australian Bar Association, Patrick O’Sullivan QC, is this week shining a spot light on some of the legal issues facing the Northern Territory.Read more

Gender pay gap: Statement from ABA President Patrick O’Sullivan QC

Statement in response to media reports highlighting the gender pay gap for barristers..Read more


Northern Territory’s proposed bail legislation to remove the presumption in favour of bail for repeat property offenders will only further exacerbate Australia’s disgraceful Indigenous incarceration rates..Read more

Legal Aid: Statement from ABA President Patrick O’Sullivan QC

The Australian Bar Association acknowledges the Federal Government’s recent $30 million injection to legal assistance services, to support families in crisis, but we believe it falls well short of the $200 million that was recommended by last year’s Produc.Read more

“Amend mandatory sentencing and watch Indigenous incarceration rates fall” says ABA President

Australian Bar Association announces agenda to reduce Indigenous incarceration rates..Read more