Consistent and efficient Family Law structures good for families

30 May 2018

Australian Bar Association President, Noel Hutley SC, notes the Government's announcement

to amalgamate the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia.

"Whilst we await the detail, the reforms announced by the Government today have the

potential to make family law more consistent and efficient, which can only be of benefit for

families in need, Mr Hutley said.

“We have long recognised the potential benefits of a single point of entry in family

law, and a harmonisation of rules. It is untenable that a family could be moved

between two courts, where there are different rules and different processes, despite

the family's dispute remaining the same," said Mr Hutley.

“Equally, a common case management process – so long as that can be tailored to the

individual needs of a specific family - should lead to matters being reached more quickly”

said Mr Hutley.

"I look forward to the Attorney-General consulting with the ABA, on the details of the


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