ABA congratulates the Australian Bar’s new senior counsel

17 December 2020

The Australian Bar Association congratulates Australia’s new senior counsel.

President of the Australian Bar Association Matt Howard SC said, “The Australian Bar Association congratulates these 73 individuals on their appointment as senior counsel. Their appointment is an acknowledgement of their skill, independence, integrity and standing in the profession. We look forward to these members of the Bar continuing to serve our community and the administration of justice with independence and integrity.”

The ABA will celebrate the appointment of new Senior Counsel and Queen’s Counsel at its annual Silks’ dinner at the High Court of Australia on Monday, 2 August 2021 after the Court’s winter recess. Traditionally, the Dinner has been held with the Court’s ceremonial sitting at which the new silks take their bows at the start of the High Court’s legal year in February. However, in consultation with the Court, the ABA has moved the Dinner to August for next year.

Senior Counsel and Queen’s Counsel 2020

Commonwealth Queen’s Counsel

Timothy Begbie QC, Andrew Berger QC, Leo Hardiman PSM QC and Peter Quiggin PSM QC.

New South Wales Senior Counsel

Frank Veltro SC, Jason Downing SC, Andrew Fernon SC, Vahan Bedrossian SC, Ken McKay SC, Jodi Steele SC, Justin Hogan-Doran SC, Ben Katekar SC, Madeleine Avenell SC, Andrew Harding SC, Andre Zahra SC, Sue Chrysanthou SC, Richard Potter SC, Thomas Brennan SC, James Emmett SC, Christopher Withers SC, Angus Lang SC, Houda Younan SC, Sophie Callan SC, Justin Williams SC, Yaseen Shariff SC, Chloe Burnett SC, David Lloyd SC, Jonathon Redwood SC, Perry Herzfeld SC and Tim Castle SC.

Queensland Queen’s Counsel

Errol Morzone QC, Deborah Holliday QC, Gavin Handran QC, Christian Jennings QC, Jodie Wooldridge QC, Joshua Trevino QC, and Scott Hooper QC.

South Australia Senior Counsel

Meredith Dickson SC, Lucy Boord SC, Anthony Allen SC, Todd Golding SC, Benjamin Doyle SC, Kerry Clark SC, Stephen McDonald SC and Kristopher Handshin SC

Tasmania Senior Counsel

Gregory Barnes SC, Anthony Spence SC, Marcus Turnbull SC and Jacqueline Hartnett SC.

Victoria Senior Counsel

Donald Farrands S.C., Patrick Bourke S.C., Peter Fary S.C., Timothy Puckey S.C., Julianne Jaques S.C., Lisa Hannon S.C., Patrick Wheelahan S.C., Justin Graham S.C., Peter Wallis S.C., Megan Tittensor S.C., Alistair Pound S.C., Paul Vout S.C., Sandro Goubran S.C., Christopher Carr S.C., Daniel McInerney S.C., Georgina Coghlan S.C., Elizabeth Ruddle S.C. and Benno Ihle S.C.

Western Australia Senior Counsel

Graham Droppert SC, Penelope Giles SC, Alan Sefton SC, Matthew Curwood SC, Kim Lendich SC and Lindsay Fox SC.

The Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory did not appoint new Senior Counsel in 2020.

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